Terms of Service

2 Birds 1 Stone Arts Planning & Management and its Global Artist Support Consultants [“the service provider”] agree to provide support services to the artist for the period specified in the quoted or advertised package deal. Should the artist wish to cancel their service before the end of the service or membership period, no refunds will be given.

Cancellation fees may apply and are detailed in the product/service descriptions.

The artist retains ownership of their own works at all times.

Any sales enquiries received by the service provider regarding an artist's work will be directed to the artist to complete the sale.  Referral fees (minimum of $10 per referral of a buyer to the artist to complete the sale) or commissions may apply in agreement with the artist in advance.

All artwork submitted to the service provider is to be watermarked or protected to the artist’s own standards. The artist agrees that the service provider will not be held accountable for any misuse or infringements made by third parties.

The artist agrees to the use of samples of work by the service provider for marketing or promotional materials.  Artist credits can be provided where appropriate.

Artists should obtain appropriate insurance cover for their work. The service provider shall take steps to keep artworks submitted, exhibited or stored by the service provider in a safe and secure manner but will not be held liable for any damage, loss or theft of the work. 

Fees and Payments

Fees for services are listed online, or may be quoted separately.  For quoted services, a deposit will be specified and payment required up front services with balances invoiced upon completion of quoted work. Deposits and payment arrangements for project support and management services will be detailed in the applicable quote.

Quotes for specific tasks (eg custom research, writing or editing work beyond that included in advertised packaged deals), will be provided on a per job basis or as a time estimate charged at the applicable hourly rate.

Hourly rates for custom support tasks are detailed in the individual consultant’s profiles, at a standard rate of $50/hour, charged in half hourly increments. These rates may differ for different consultants. The utmost care is taken to complete quality work within minimal timeframes.

The standard charge for writing and circulating a media release is $90, unless purchased via an online product/service package where a discount has been applied.

Invoice payment terms are strictly 14 days.

For members paying by Direct Debit via Pay Advantage – our preferred third party direct debit manager -an additional monthly direct debit fee of $1.35 and $1.65 for BPay payment arrangements, with a 1.65% surcharge for Visa and MasterCard applies.


Last updated: 1 January 2016

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