About Us

Creatively customise your world. 

Art is personal.  So is our service.

2 Birds 1 Stone Arts Planning & Management is a global creative industries company innovatively linking people, places and markets through art and design.


We add value….

  • Artists are seen, heard and connected in innovative ways to boost their careers and sales
  • Online tools and professional support services are re-imagined specifically for the creative industries
  • Corporate clients are provided with tailored art-based solutions that boost business assets, productivity and morale, community profile and successful events
  • Communities are creatively stimulated through art-based events
  • Global networks and new employment opportunities in the creative industries are found

The art world is a global industry. Artists don't need to be known just in their local area. Art collectors scour the web and galleries worldwide to find that special piece that speaks to them. So why should art administration agencies be be geographically bound?

Art administration without borders, bureaucratic constraints and boundaries is a core part of what sets 2 Birds 1 Stone Arts Planning & Management apart. Our focus is on providing the types of support to artists that they are looking for - not just creating a one size fits all program.

Bringing together expertise in project management, web and app development management, art education, strategy and planning, corporate management and mentoring and coaching, this female-run creative industry start-up is going from strength to strength.

We are creatives, techies, teachers and entrepreneurs: and we want you!

Arts Project Management & Support

With over 35 years of combined visual art, planning and project management experience, we can help build, plan and administrate your arts project.  We also create our own opportunities and projects, connecting artists, art administrators and professional industry sectors.

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